Wednesday, April 01, 2020


Popular devotion in Ibi towards street running of young bulls called ‘les vaquetes’ lead to the construction of a regulated local bullring at the end of the nineteenth century. Ibi’s bullring had the special feature of taking advantage of some house façade to close part of the circular ring area and to use them as stands and galleries.


The urban growth of Ibi caused the disappearance of the old bullring, although some of its unique building structures can still be seen nowadays.


The Municipal Archive of Ibi (AMI) keeps several documents dating back to the 17th century where runs of young bulls (‘vaquillas’) and fighting bulls (‘toros’) are registered, linked to celebration of local festivities.


Upon arrival in Ibi, fighting bull cattle would be kept resting at the outskirt spots of river ‘Gavarnera’, ‘Terol’ or even ‘La Pileta’ fountain. The run of the bulls itinerary started by accessing the town from Santa Rita street, then going up Ravalet street until Beneficiencia alley where the bullring gate was.