Wednesday, April 01, 2020


‘La Palla’ square is the heart of Ibi. Under the old centennial tree (Platanus Orientalis L.), people from Ibi enjoy shops, bars, handmade ice cream parlours and its vintage kiosk.

The name ‘Palla’ means ‘straw’ which had applications in the past for animal bedding and food. It is said to have been some straw storage barns at this location, no longer preserved now. There are countless old photographs and stamps that show Ibi’s affection for this plaza. The oldest one of all is an engraving by Cavanilles in 1797, where three enormous ‘platino’ trees can be recognised at the plaza’s current location.

The monumental fountain is a landmark that reminds us the 19th century first drinking water system supplied by the nearby Los Molinos gorge. We recommend walking up this massive hydraulic engineering trail all along the QR info spots.